Finance books from Sprezzaturian


Margin of Safety

  1. Margin Of Safety – Seth Klarman (great summary for free here)
  2. Reminiscences of a stock operator – Edwin Lefevre
  3. The Most Important Thing – Howard Marks
  4. Hedgehogging – Barton Biggs
  5. Fooling some of the people all of the time – Einhorn
  6. The Black Swan – Taleb
  7. BULL! – Maggie Mahar
  8. The great crash – Galbraith
  9. How an economy grows and why it crashes – Peter Schiff
  10. The death of money – James Rickards
  11. The Retarded Hedge Fund manager – Karl-Mikael Syding

Very useful and readable, but perhaps not required per se

  1. Thinking Fast And Slow – Kahneman
  2. The user illusion – Norretranders
  3. The Logic of Life – Tim Harford
  4. Abundance – Diamandis & Kotler
  5. Tomorrow’s gold – Marc Faber
  6. Lords of finance – Ahamed
  7. Manias, panics and crashes – Kindleberger
  8. Endgame – Mauldin
  9. Irrational exuberance – Shiller
  10. Holy grail of macroeconomics – Koo
  11. Animal Spirits – Akerlof/Shiller
  12. The return of depression economics – Krugman
  13. The great reflation – Boeckh
  14. Gödel Escher Bach – Hofstadter
  15. More fun than important, but still offer some psychological insights into markets and its participants
  16. Cityboy
  17. Wall Street Meat
  18. Liar’s Poker
  19. The new new thing
  20. Trading with the enemy

These you can do without

  1. The Intelligent Investor – Graham
  2. Market Wizards – Schwager
  3. Wealth, War and Wisdom – Barton Biggs

I haven’t read the following myself but they are probably worthwhile:

  1. Antifragile
  2. The little book of sideways markets
  3. Flash boys
  4. When genius failed
  5. The big short

School text books I’ve kept but you easily can do without

  1. Statistics – Newbold
  2. Basic Econometrics – Gujarati
  3. Futures and Options – Hull
  4. Principles of Corporate Finance – Brealey & Myers
  5. Valuation – Copeland
  6. Macroeconomics -Dornbusch and Fischer

Online resources

  1. Memos from Howard Marks (quarterly write-ups from the master of risk)
  2. Ray Dalio’s principles (a very long list of guiding principles in life as well as on the markets)
  3. Hussman weekly (weekly updates on market risk tolerance/aversion and valuation)
  4. Contrarian edge (Vitaliy Katsenelson’s somewhat philosophical musings on the market, companies and products)
  5. Wall Street Week (interviews with financial moguls)
  6. Financial Orbit (Chris Bailey’s market updates)
  7. HORAN (useful market charts -and thoughts)
  8. Zerohedge (fast, frequent, news comments – unfortunately with a paranoid and bearish bias that seldom has any bearing on current events, even if it might hold true in the long run)
  9. GMO (Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham has researched bubbles, all bubbles, defined them and followed their conclusion (all crash). Register for free and read his quarterly letters, including his past ones). Please note that he doesn’t quite think that we’re in a stock market bubble (yet).
  10. Gloom Boom Doom by Marc Faber (“there is always an opportunity somewhere, perhaps in Vietnam”)
  11. The high tech strategist monthly newsletter by Fred Hickey (originally a letter about high tech companies, sales and earnings developments and investment opportunities, but lately more and more about central bank shenanigans and opportunities in gold)



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